Customer stories

Because it is our customer who make our product come alive.


Thank you very much for this great product. For our customers we handle more than 30,000 tickets per year within the scope of maintenance. We carry out an automatic quality control of the services provided and have a transparent communication in real time to our customer.

4-check ideally complements our work in meat processing plants. It is the perfect partner when paper for checklists has to be replaced by a young but perfect software.

4-check supports us with the quality controls in the cleaning area. We have to provide our customers with a high level of quality and therefore need simple, fast and effective software solutions that support us in fulfilling our contractual obligations.

Ingenious tool with a competent, uncomplicated team in the background! As a partner and customer, I quickly understood myself and felt that I was in good hands!

We manage many properties and clients. That's why we needed a simple software solution to meet and optimize our contractual and internal obligations.

Wonderfully motivated and young team in the background. They are extremely fast and their proactive approach helps to make it as easy as possible for customers.

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