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Make our customers' working lives easier, more enjoyable and more productive.


Your contribution to a better working life!

We work always and everywhere. Around the globe, people give their best to achieve optimum results. At 4-check we are committed to making work a positive experience and improving the way of work from people around the world.

Our core values

Here you will find some of the values that are particularly important to us. As a company, we not only live these core values, but also work continuously towards them. We develop a platform and products that we really believe in and support. Because we know how much it means to help people, no matter where they are. We also know how important it is to simplify processes and workflows and give people an opportunity to realize themselves.


We listen to our counterpart to be sure we understand him correctly.


We respect each other's opinions and are open to constructive criticism.


We support and motivate each other - both professionally and privately.


We appreciate each other and are interested in each other's work.


We challenge and support each other in order to become better together.


We can rely on each other and a handshake applies.

Our actual jobs

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