Create analyses

Create extensive evaluations and analyses to always receive a detailed quality report.

Übersichtliche und leicht verständliche Analysen

Detailed statements

By defining factors or grouping them into individual sub-areas, you can have the results of your audits displayed clearly and use them for evaluations and presentations.

Individuality counts

Each company has its own reporting and reporting system. For this reason, you can adapt your reports modularly - from the footer to the displayed data.

Download your results

In order to support further processes in your company, you can conveniently download all data in 4-check for further processing and use.


Use your analyses for fast and well-founded statements

Create analyses

You decide for yourself what your analyses should look like. You have the possibility to adjust the displayed data, the appearance of the analyses and the export report itself.

Define periods

Would you like to analyse a specific time frame in more detail? No problem! By the individual time adjustment you can see fast past histories.

External forwarding

You can forward the reports from 4-check to external companies or give them their own access. This reduces interfaces and accelerates coordination processes.