Create checklists

Use our modular construction kit to create individual checklists according to your requirements and wishes.

Useful functions for even more ease of use

Define contents

You assemble modules for different requirements until you have created your checklist. By combining different modules you can create different checklists.

Storage of your executed checklists

Your completed and completed checklists are stored in the cloud in a tamper-proof manner. You have access to the entire history of a checklist at any time.

Objective checklists

The built-in checklist generator allows you to execute checklists with the help of a random generator. You avoid the impression of subjective audits and enjoy the full trust of your customers.

Export results

Export and download your checklists. Decide for yourself which results you want and what your download should look like. You get exactly the data you want.

Use any device you like

Nowadays, it goes without saying that software works perfectly on every terminal device. 4-check is available via Web and PWA.


What makes our checklists special

Define your own content

You decide which contents your checklist should have. Various modules are available, which you can combine like building blocks.

Modular drag and drop

User-friendliness, a high-quality product experience and intuitive operation are very important to us, which is why you can use functions such as drag and drop.

Every device also offline

Whether as a native app from the App Stores or a modern Progressive Web App (PWA): 4-check can be used on any device - even offline.