Customize design

Turn 4-check into your very own software and benefit from a high-quality appearance.

A high-quality and professional appearance

Use your own design

Our reports are displayed in HTML and then output in .pdf format. This allows you to use your own layouts and corporate design.

Company Login

You can quickly and easily create your own company login to establish a personal connection to your company.

Create your own reports

Whether footer or header - you can customize the overall look of your reports. You benefit from a professional and high-quality appearance.


A noble appearance towards your partners

Integrate defaults

You can easily combine your marketing and design department's preferences with 4-check by using the many design settings.

Web and Mobile

No matter if our web interface or the appearance of the app - both go hand in hand and can easily be managed centrally.

Always look good

Of course, our application is fully responsive as a native app and web application. In addition, we offer a PWA to offer full flexibility.