Manage locations

Define locations or other locations to better locate checklists. Structure your processes through defined locations.

Keep an eye on all locations

Manage types

You decide what constitutes a location for you. It can be a building, a room, a machine or a customer. It's easy to locate your checklists to get a better overview.

Import data

Many customers have a particularly large number of locations such as room books. With our mass import we can import such large amounts of data very easily.

Creating analyses

With our analysis module you can run different analyses and evaluations on your locations. This gives you a detailed insight in real time.


Locations bring structure to checklists

Individual locations

No matter if building, room, machine or customer: with our location module you can spatially assign entire checklists or defined contents.

Simple assignment

You decide what a location is for you. This allows you to better allocate your checklists. For example, you can also create entire room books.

Better overview

By defining locations, you can easily localize audits and your results. This gives you better evaluation and analysis.