Signed Checklists

Your checklists are stored securely and unchangeably. Each audit is personalized and can be viewed from any device at any time.

Personal and secure checklists

Sign digitally

You have the option of requesting signatures if required. Alternatively, the personal login names are also saved so that a later evaluation is possible.

Executed lists

All executed checklists are saved as completed audits. You can view and monitor the results at any time.

Internal and external partners

Specify a group of participants to be present at your audits. You can include both internal and external partners.


Data security and data affiliation

Modular Signatures

You can build your checklists with modular signature queries. This allows you to control critical areas in more detail than others.

Secure online archive

Your checklists are stored securely and unchangeably in the cloud. In our Privacy policy you can find out more about the security precautions.

See responsibilities

The personal account assignment allows you to see at any time which user has executed a checklist. This allows you to control the audits even better.