Better checklist app

Erledigen Sie die Arbeit mit Ihren Checklisten einfach, schnell und unkompliziert.

Create and use your checklists on all devices

Create checklist
Create checklist

Create your own individual checklists. Use your own content or a ready-made template.

Carry out checks
Carry out checks

Perform your controls mobile via Smartphone and Tablet or at the computer.

Evaluate results
Evaluate results

Results can be downloaded and used for presentations.


Simple and fast Quality controls

In many areas of work one has to deal with recurring work. These are usually ticked off on a printed list, which then disappears into folders. An evaluation is difficult or even impossible. Therefore you need a solution that helps you with logging and evaluation. This is exactly why we have developed 4-check.

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Test proposals according to standards and laws

Our library of test proposals is based on countless standards and laws. This actively supports you in your work. Our checklists are based on standards such as VDMA 24186, AMEV, SUVA and DIN 276. Of course you can also create individual checklists according to your wishes. We can also help you import existing Excel checklists to make your work even easier.

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Your advantages of our checklists App

Optimize your performance

Ease of use

4-check is logically structured, clearly structured and easy to use. This means that even less IT-savvy users can easily find their way around this software.


A built-in export function allows you to export data to common Office formats. The data is prepared professionally and can be used to extend your reporting system.


A detailed evaluation enables you to compare services from different locations, employees or customers.

Saving of resources

The paperless 4-check process not only makes your work faster and more efficient, but also more environmentally friendly.


Your data is recorded and stored in a manipulation-proof manner. Thanks to the professional way they are presented, they are clear and easy to document.


4-check offers you a uniform quality management system for the objectively measurable evaluation of services.

Easy working with our checklists App

Regular checks, inspections and audits protect you in your daily work. A modern, intelligent and digital documentation helps you to save time and money. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by relying on an up-to-date product solution on modern end devices. You don’t need any programming knowledge to use our checklist solution. You can use our application on any end device and view your results at any time. Due to a modern and contemporary design you will enjoy using our checklist app. Further advantages are:

  • All your documentation is completely digital
  • You don’t need any programming knowledge
  • Statistics and evaluations in real time
  • Plann orders
  • Create a photo documentation
  • Modern and contemporary design
  • Use any device
  • Cross-industry application possible